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Prevention used to be enough but today organisations need to take a stratified approach to cyber security.

Businesses should understand that it is not a matter of “if” but the question of ‘when’ they will be targeted.
Cytex implements the best technical approach for information security, providing end-to-end cyber  protection.
Protecting Your Network With Cytex Will Give You Access To:

  Data Leakage Prevention Consulting

For many years, the information security market focused on protecting organisations’ networks from internet born attacks. A lot of focus was put into scanning and limiting incoming traffic to the internal network. Whilst that has some merit, a contrasting approach was applied to outgoing data which was usually left untracked. Companies believed that if they could protect themselves from incoming threats, none of the outgoing data was at risk. The increasing trend of high profile compromises in the last few years has shown that there has to be a shift in defending critical data against sophisticated and targeted threats.

Cyber hackers have long had the ability to take existing malicious functionality and obfuscate it to evade security solutions. This presents a large problem. If one attack is successful, and obfuscates itself within the network, it could spread undetected throughout the network and target critical data. A technological shift that focuses on protecting the data can prove crucial to subvert advanced threats, as often the major objective of malicious hackers is to steal information, data that is targeted for theft has to leave the network which is when it can be detected.

A DLP solution can expose sensitive data in transit. By tracking the data in rest or intercepting data in motion, its originating source and its destination, the organisation can use this type of visibility to detect and stop advanced threats that reside on its network which may stem from external adversaries, but may also be attempted by malicious insiders to steal data. Cytex’s DLP experts have unparalleled reputation in the DLP market.

  Policies and Procedures Development

Escorting & assisting organisations in forming compact usable and global information security policies, including audit mechanisms based on strategic guide lines & assumptions derived from the organisation’s work environment.

Procedures development is aimed at assisting the organisation to install structured procedures throughout the organisation’s life-cycle development process to ensure secure IT operations, address current & perceived threats and comply with regulation guidelines.

  Strategy Planning of Information Security for C-Level Management

As the decisions of company management and the board of directors are based on security threats and integration within their own organisation and the current security landscape, Cytex strategic planning is designed to assist senior executives to cope with these organisational challenges and meeting them with a real world strategic security perceptions and plans that are tailored to the current and future threat landscape.

  Security Awareness & Training Courses

Delivered by highly experienced instructors that are passionate about information security that make use of leading practical teaching & delivery methods, our diversified information security training aims to create true information security experts, security savvy users to reach the goal of raising the organisation’s total ‘Security IQ’.  Our courses hold a healthy combination of theory & hands-on practice, using real world scenarios.

We are working with the best of breed awareness programs; we can tailor an awareness program based on the organisation’s need and its use cases where employees take an active part in the training.

Take the Cytex approach to cyber protection and secure your business continuity.