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Compliance & Regulation

Depending on each company’s sector of operation, Cytex’s experts assist and prepare your business for sector-related compliance, including PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and COBIT, among other IT security regulations.

Cytex provides and develops the necessary tools to enable organisations to meet essential compliance guidelines in a way that is cost effective, efficient and with services delivered in the agreed time frame.



Credit card theft is on the rise, with cyber criminals breaching organisation’s IT security and stealing important credit information. Credit card crime causes immense financial damage, loss of capital and customer data, and high operational cost of recovering the business’ reputation and network.

In an effort to stop credit card information theft and guarantee security of card holder data, institutions that deal with credit cards have created a data security credit card standard called PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

All organisations that deal with credit card data, from small to large, must comply with PCI-DSS.

Cytex’s qualified experts ensure that your business is compliant to this standard.

Our experienced team supports organisations with an end-to-end IT security solution, from gap analysis and advice through to hands-on solutions that ensure full compliance and certification.

  ISO 27001-2:2013

As organisations become increasingly dependent on devices and complex ecosystems of physical, virtual, cloud-based servers and storage, it has become critical that the business environment has a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Although it is possible for organisations to put together ISMS on their own, consideration should be given to a secure and cost-effective end goal.

Organisations should also remember that they need a system that stores information securely and quantifies the degree of risk to it from outside threats, internal threats, processes and other factors that exist in their environment.

Ideally, an ISMS solution will provide security that is based on a scientific assessment of risk and delivers just the right degree of security without over-engineering and overspending.

Cytex ISO 27001 Consulting Services enable your organisation to:

 Identify security risk exposure

 Derive security requirements

 Define the necessary security controls, processes, and procedures within the ISMS

 Define and document security metrics and records required to effectively manage the business and prove compliance

 Successfully demonstrate compliance to ISO auditors

Take the Cytex approach to cyber security and protect your business continuity.