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Cytex, powered by Performanta, is a security consultancy leading the field of information Security, Governance and Compliance in South Africa.

Focusing on services and delivery, Cytex ensures the success of information security projects through a holistic approach which embraces people and processes as well as the technology. As a committed information security solutions partner to our clients and using the leverage gained through our continued experience and successes, we bring a personal approach to transforming our clients’ security landscapes through pragmatic solutions and best practice.

Information Security and Risk Management courses through our veins. Our work etiquette is composed of essential core values that signify the importance of understanding the threat landscape and the various threats impacting enterprises today, while simultaneously delivering practical security solutions that can protect against them. We make use of the top Cyber Technologies and Vendors from across the world but at the same time do not limit ourselves to specific technology solutions as our methodologies and processes are exclusively designed and proven to complement your existing business processes. This flexibility allows Cytex to provide best fit solutions for your business, irrespective of technology choice and without the need for preferred suppliers.

We deliver seamless solutions through on-going support and maintenance, supported by our enterprise-wide frameworks and experience across a multitude of industries. This synergy has already proven to replenish value to organisations and positively influence ROI across both our local and international customer base.

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